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It is one of Hungary's most popular GPS orienteering race series that we have been organising since 2013 with continued enthusiasm. Its reputation is proven by the fact that 50-60 teams compete regularly, and not only for glory but, thanks to the sponsors, for valuable prizes as well.

The teams compete four times a year in Hungary on one-day events, and twice abroad to show their driving skills and tactical and navigational expertise.

What is this really all about?

Teams thirsting for adventure and excitement get an itinerary in paper format and almost 100 GPS coordinates every morning. They have to find the locations according to their own plans, and complete the challenges of different levels of difficulties that await them there.





What are these challenges exactly?

Apart from the difficulties of the terrain itself, several navigation-related and skill-based tasks make the participants' day even more enjoyable.

These tasks can include chopping wood, building a bridge, crossing a swamp or climbing incredibly steep hills – all in all, it is such an extreme experience that an adrenaline rush is guaranteed for all participants, friends and family.

The General Tire Trophy is not really a hard-core off-road competition, but rather a strategical game that anyone can enjoy, a true test of one's tactics.

You do not necessarily need an upgraded off-road vehicle, but a 4x4 family car, a pickup is perfectly enough to make the ride enjoyable for the participants.

The game only gives a framework to the event, the true aim is to seek adventure in foreign countries, get to know different cultures and explore hidden natural wonders. The countries of destination themselves offer endless excitement and adventure (e.g. Albania, Montenegro, Transylvania, Macedonia) that we strive to share with those interested through our local contacts and with the help of careful preparation.

Whom do we recommend this exciting programme series?

  • true off-roaders who live for adrenaline and love challenges,
  • professional off-roaders who would like to challenge their skills in navigation in the framework of a competition like this,
  • amateur off-roaders who would like to get to know the “the pros” and gather experience from a seasoned community before starting their own journeys.

If you would like to try your hand at off-roading, contact us: László Benedek / +36 70 777 0049 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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